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Ensuring a Safe & Trouble-Free Sale

When you are planning to buy a home, it is important to uncover every detail about the property before investing. By purchasing a home with hidden problems, you could be exposing yourself and your family to potential hazards. Sellers must be careful about these hazards too – failing to disclose certain aspects of your home before selling it could leave you liable for severe penalties.

The Naperville real estate attorneys at the Roscich & Martel Law Firm can make sure you are familiar with your rights and obligations regarding the purchase and sale of a house. Our firm should be the first team you contact before signing any contracts, agreements, or disclosures. We are available to assist both buyers and sellers, representing your best interest no matter which side of the transaction you are on.

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Potential Hazards

No home is perfect, but some are safer than others – dangerous substances may be lurking in the seemingly nice home you are hoping to purchase.

Lead-based paint is one hazard that must be disclosed before a home is sold. People selling residential houses built before 1978 are required by law to include a disclosure document to all sales contracts and lease agreements.

Another common hazard found in homes is radon gas, a colorless and odorless gas that can enter houses through the foundation or slab. Long-term exposure to radon gas is dangerous and may increase your risk of contracting lung cancer.

A Seller’s Duty to Disclose

When selling a home, you must perform your due diligence and inform interested buyers about any potential defects with the home. By law, you will be required to complete a Residential Real Property Disclosure Report that reports everything you know about the property.

You will be required to disclose:

  • Material defects
  • Structural defects
  • The presence of radon gas and lead-based paint

Failure to complete the report and disclose all potential hazards will leave you liable for damages, court costs, and potentially even attorney’s fees.

With the Roscich & Martel Law Firm on your side, you can protect yourself from this liability. We will help ensure that you are complying with all necessary laws when selling your home. Our Naperville real estate attorneys are equipped to handle your case, regardless of your circumstances.

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