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  • New Marriage Study: How Happy Is Your Spouse?
    New Marriage Study: How Happy Is Your Spouse?

    “How happy is your spouse?” It turns out that peoples answer to this question can actually be a strong predictor of divorce . Economists at the University of Virginia recently published a marriage ...

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  • Adoption Tax Credits
    Adoption Tax Credits

    Adoption is a big decision that involves weighing many factors. One concern potential parents often have is the expense of the process. Fortunately, the federal government provides a way to lighten ...

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  • Finding Hidden Assets in Divorce
    Finding Hidden Assets in Divorce

    For most divorces, property division is a matter of two honest people trying to unwind a set of shared assets. There may be contentious issues, but people usually play by the rules. Unfortunately, ...

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  • Tips for Divorce Negotiation
    Tips for Divorce Negotiation

    Most people think of legal proceedings as places where the two parties come in and the judge decides what to do. However, this is not always the case. Ordinary lawsuits are far more likely to settle ...

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