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  • What is a Civil Union?
    What is a Civil Union?

    Having a life partner means you share everything from experiences to bills to property. It is a choice you make to last a lifetime with commitment and love. Typically, marriage solidifies this in the ...

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  • Lack of Romance Reason for Divorce
    Lack of Romance Reason for Divorce

    It's an age-old joke that after several years of marriage romance dies down, but the thought that a person could get divorced for his or her partner not wanting sex isn't oft-discussed. Yet according ...

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  • Secrets to a Happy Marriage
    Secrets to a Happy Marriage

    Barbara Cook knows a thing or two about marriage and how to make it work. After 73 years of bliss , hardships and love, the woman can give advice to anyone. She has made it easier for all to hear her ...

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  • Divorce Affects Children's Religion
    Divorce Affects Children's Religion

    According to the Chicago Tribune , a new study recently found that “children of divorce reveals that kids raised in happy, intact marriages are twice as likely to worship later in life than children ...

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  • Civil Union Partnerships
    Civil Union Partnerships

    Civil Unions and marriages may not be the same thing, but couples should be aware that there are still legal liabilities if a civil union ends. Just like spouses support each other financially, civil ...

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