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  • New Study Shows Long Term Effects for Joint Custody
    New Study Shows Long Term Effects for Joint Custody

    Divorce courts generally seek to find an evenhanded decision regarding divorce . Whether that is in regards to division of property, spousal support, or custody arrangements. For custody, the decision ...

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  • Custody in Illinois
    Custody in Illinois

    State courts are in charge of custody battles for their residents , each with their own laws and guidelines. One standard for all states, however, is that the best interests of the child will come ...

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  • What is Domestic Violence?
    What is Domestic Violence?

    The term “domestic violence” is often used in movies, on TV, and on the news, but not many people are aware of what this title really entails. The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs has ...

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  • The Path to Adoption
    The Path to Adoption

    When adopting a child, several legal issues will arise. Please, consider the following: Regulation of Adoption Expenses (Domestic) Nearly all States, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territories ...

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  • Which State Can Issue a Custody Order?
    Which State Can Issue a Custody Order?

    When parties file for divorce, they must show that the court has jurisdiction to hear the divorce case. This consideration, however, deals only with the question of whether the court has jurisdiction ...

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