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  • Paying for College in Illinois
    Paying for College in Illinois

    As the calendar turns to 2016, many students begin to give even more serious thought to their college educations. As a result, parents begin thinking about how to pay for these diplomas. Since child ...

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  • The Two Faces of Child Support
    The Two Faces of Child Support

    Under Illinois law, all parents, married or single, have a duty to financially support their children. In the case of married parents, the law assumes, rightly or wrongly, that this financial support ...

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  • Grandparent Rights in Illinois
    Grandparent Rights in Illinois

    A child's relationship with his or her grandparents is often collateral damage in a child custody case, but Illinois law gives you the tools to reverse the damage, or at least minimize it. Typically, ...

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  • Now and Then
    Now and Then

    Why are twice as many long-term marriages ending in divorce today than they were twenty years ago and fueling a so-called “gray divorce” revolution? The answer may be twofold. First, many people have ...

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  • Limitations on Maintenance in Illinois
    Limitations on Maintenance in Illinois

    About a year ago, some sweeping changes to the Illinois spousal support law went into effect. These changes came in the context of alimony reform that has touched nearly every state in the Union in ...

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  • A Change Is in Order
    A Change Is in Order

    When a child custody, spousal support, child support, or other divorce -related order becomes unworkable, for whatever reason, many parents execute informal understandings about these matters. Such ...

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