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In the midst of filing for divorce, working collaboratively with your soon-to-be ex-spouse to develop a parenting plan (as required under Illinois law) can be an especially daunting task. Within 120 days of filing for divorce, Illinois law requires all parents to file a "parenting plan" that allocates parental responsibilities, including provisions for your children's living arrangements and matters of visitation. Unfortunately, certain parents struggling with the emotional impact of a divorce might not have the best interest of their children in mind when working towards a parenting plan.

Illinois Parenting Plan Requirements

Parenting plans must be very thorough for your children’s benefit. At a minimum, Illinois law requires numerous issues be addressed in a parenting plan.

These requirements include the following provisions:

  • An allocation of decision-making responsibilities
  • A custody and visitation schedule
  • Medical access provisions
  • Change of address notice requirements
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Provisions accounting for future modifications

Creating a parenting plan that is compliant with state law and accurately reflects your wishes can be complicated, so it is highly advisable to work with a Naperville attorney when drafting a plan.

Parenting Plans Can Be Binding

Although you must submit a parenting plan during the early stages of your divorce, your plan can have lasting implications. If you and your ex-spouse agree on a parenting plan, the court is required to accept and abide by the content of that plan provided it is in the best interest of the child. Keep in mind that oral agreements are not binding for any court. Accordingly, do not make concessions you believe are not in your children's best interests. If you cannot agree on a parenting plan, be sure to consult with a Naperville attorney who can help you take advantage of certain deadline extensions. The court may grant you additional time beyond the 120-day deadline to either continue working towards a parenting plan or attend mediation.

We Have Experience Developing Parenting Plans

If you have recently filed for divorce and are struggling to develop a parenting plan, be sure to contact a law firm that has experience navigating the emotional waters of divorce and custody agreements. The Roscich & Martel Law Firm is a trusted family law office that has been working in Naperville and the surrounding areas since 1973. We are here to serve the best interests of your family.

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