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Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys in Naperville

Helping You Prepare for the Future

Regardless of the size of your estate, it’s never too early to start preparing for the future. With the help of an experienced and thorough Naperville estate planning attorney, you can create a comprehensive estate plan that protects your loved ones and their financial security. We can also assist you with the various steps of probate. Trust the professionals at the Roscich & Martel Law Firm to navigate you through the process, providing advice and support along the way.

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Creating an Estate Plan

There is no telling what your future holds, so it is wise to start planning for it early on. Estate planning can benefit your family by outlining exactly what should happen in the event that you become disabled or pass on.

A thorough estate plan should:

  • Arrange recipients of your assets and property
  • Provide instructions on how to care for you should you become disabled
  • Name a guardian for minor children
  • Provide instructions for transferring your business in the event of retirement or death

Our Naperville estate planning attorneys have helped countless clients draft and edit estate plans. We are able to plan strategically to minimize the taxes and fees you may owe.

Probate Services

After a loved one passes on, their estate must be properly divided following the guidance of their last will and testament. Their assets and property will be given over to those designated in the will and any debts will be paid to the appropriate recipients. This process can be extremely complex, especially in the midst of other responsibilities.

The process is further complicated if the deceased did not have a will. When this is the case, the estate enters probate and the deceased’s property is distributed by a court following state law. Often, heirs and other individuals will contest an issue with the estate – sometimes, litigation is necessary. Our Naperville probate lawyers have extensive courtroom experience and can represent you and your loved ones’ best interest.

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