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Illinois Law and Post-Decree Divorce Modifications

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A divorce decree usually cannot be modified unless there has been a substantial change in circumstance that affects one of the ex-spouses, or their children. For example, a job loss may affect your ability to pay the full amount of child or spousal support originally agreed upon in your divorce decree. Similarly, a child’s health complications may require more financial support than was originally stipulated during the divorce. This is where you’ll need the help of our Naperville lawyer.

If a dramatic change in circumstances has altered your lifestyle and, consequently, your ability to fulfill the stipulations of your divorce, your divorce agreement will need to be modified to reflect it. Contact us at Roscich & Martel Law Firm for help.

How Can I Make Changes to my Divorce Decree in Illinois?

One ex-spouse must make a motion to change their divorce decree. This is when the assistance of a lawyer will be invaluable, as you will need to determine how the divorce decree should be modified. Those interested in pursuing a post-divorce decree modification in Naperville should seek out a lawyer to help them navigate the process, as it is too complex to do it alone and without proper knowledge of Illinois divorce law.

Usually, post-divorce decrees can be modified without taking the matter to court (litigation). For the vast majority of divorced spouses, decisions on post-decree divorce issues can be settled through meditation rather than litigation.

Keep in mind: You cannot change your divorce decree simply because you feel it isn’t fair, or that certain terms aren’t in your favor. Furthermore, some stipulations set in the divorce decree are final, such as division of debts and assets, as well as property settlement provisions. Under Illinois family law, a divorce judgment is a final judicial act and cannot be changed unless there is good reason.

If you are interested in modifying your post-divorce decree, contact our Naperville family law firm at (630) 793-6337 for a consultation.

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