Civil Union Partnerships

Civil Unions and marriages may not be the same thing, but couples should be aware that there are still legal liabilities if a civil union ends. Just like spouses support each other financially, civil union partners are also responsible for financial support during the relationship and is the relationship ends.

The Illinois Expense Act should also be considered by any couple that enters into a civil union partnership. This law affects both spouses and partners, making them responsible for their children's education and all family expenses. Essentially, spouses and partners are responsible for all doctor, landlord, school and credit card expenses for the family. Additional expenses include household items, food, shelter, furnishings, educational, clothing, medical, utilities, transportation and hospital bills.

Regardless of if you are aware of your spouse's or civil partner's purchases, you are still responsible for them under this law. It is important for a couple to know what exactly is involved when considering a civil partnership.

If you have any questions or concerns or are, perhaps, ready to enter into a civil partnership, contact an experienced family law attorney for assistance on how to do so in the State of Illinois. The Roscich & Martel Law Firm, LLC is located in Aurora, Illinois and is full of experienced and helpful family law attorneys that are prepared to help you enter into a civil partnership today.

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