Halloween Hints for Divorced Parents

Holidays can be stressful when you are separated or divorced. This is especially true when there are children involved. Because it is Halloween time, we will look at what a Halloween might be like when you are divorced and how you can make it easier. published a story on the matter.

When you are divorced with younger children, both you and your ex might want to go trick-or-treating with your children and have the whole Halloween experience. It is crucial to remember, however, that the most important thing is that your children are enjoying the holiday. They will sorely miss the parent that cannot be there, and it is not just the parent that is disappointed by not being able to have a family Halloween. Also, remember to let your child know ahead of time where they will be for the holiday.

Try to be civil with your spouses or ex-spouses, though, since it is really all about the children. Especially if you are going through a divorce at the moment, there is enough stress and bickering without the added holiday drama.

When you want to ask your child where they want to spend Halloween, do exactly that. Do not ask them whether they want to spend the holiday with you or the other parent, because that is like choosing sides for the child.

If you are the parent that has to spend the holiday without your children, make other plans instead of getting upset and ruining your Halloween. There will be more Halloweens in the future

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