When Choosing a Divorce Lawyer

In our legal system, choosing the right attorney can make or break your case. Divorce cases are in no way an exception. did an informative piece about key questions you should ask when choosing your divorce attorney. Here are some of the questions mentioned.

How many divorce cases have you handled?

Asking this question will give you a general idea of the level of experience the lawyer has. Of course this is not the only criteria for choosing an attorney, but it is certainly a valid question to ask. Our attorneys have practiced family law together since 1981, and our experience in law goes as far back as 1971, when John graduated law school. It is safe to say that we are very experienced in handling divorce cases, and we know how to best meet the needs of our clients.

Do you have the available time to take my case?

This is an important question to ask. Some attorneys might be working a large number of cases, which will mean they have to concentrate on several other cases as well. It is good to know that the attorneys are not working with numbers beyond their capabilities and that they will handle your case with care. Our 30+ years in family law mean that we know how to balance the amount of cases we are working at a given time. We handle all our cases with proper care, so that our clients have a better chance of reaching the outcome they desire.

Do you know the attorney my spouse chose?

In addition to having a good attorney for yourself, it does not hurt to ask if your attorney knows the attorney they will be facing. If they know the attorney, they will know what kind of approach that attorney will most likely take. Because we have practiced law for as long as we have, we are quite familiar with the other attorneys who work in the counties where we operate.

These are only a few of the things you should know and ask, but they are a good place to start. A skilled divorce attorney will be able to answer your questions in a way that makes you feel confident about your case. When you are facing divorce proceedings or planning to file for divorce, get a knowledgeable attorney to help you. Contact our experienced family law attorneys in Naperville, Illinois today.

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