How a Civil Union is Dissolved

A civil union is, by definition, a legally recognized union of a same-sex or different-sex couple "providing all of the legal obligations, responsibilities, protections and benefits that the law of Illinois grants to married couples." In the state of Illinois, as long as one partner within a civil union is a current resident of the state, then the dissolution of the civil union will follow the same procedure as a divorce.

What it Means to be Dissolved

When a couple enters into a civil union in Illinois, they agree to allow the Illinois courts to have authority over their relationship. Therefore, a couple can dissolve their civil union through the Illinois court system, even if one or both parties no longer live in Illinois when they break up, or if one party never lived in Illinois in the first place.

The dissolution of an Illinois civil union means that the courts are granted the right to resolve disputes about the couple's division of property, child custody, visitation issues, child support, maintenance, and other additional issues that commonly arise when a relationship does not work out.

Similarities Between the Dissolution of a Civil Union and a Divorce

Civil union dissolutions are quite similar to marriage dissolutions. Since there are a number of similarities between the two, they share many of the same rights—the ability to own property jointly, the right to court-supervised distribution of property pending a breakup, etc. Hence, the end of a civil union brings up several of the same issues as a divorce. For example, partners who built a home together or have other financial connections may need these to be addressed and resolved legally. Thus, speaking with a skilled family law lawyer who can address your issues and assist you with your questions and concerns is essential.

Contact a Civil Union Attorney Today

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