Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad Arrested

The country's “Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad” was arrested last month in California after being arrested and deported from the Philippines. Fifty-year-old Robert Sand, originally from New York, had been listed by the US Department of Health and Human Services as the country's most wanted “deadbeat parent,” after allegedly under reporting his income and failing to pay child support for three children from two marriages for over a decade. In a report in the New York Post, prosecutors said Sand had been living in Thailand. He was taken into custody last month in the Philippines.

In the nineties, Sand lived in a Long Island mansion with his first wife and two daughters. Reports say he was earning over half million dollars a year at an automobile auction company. They divorced in 1996 and Sand remarried. He had another daughter with his second wife, divorced her and evaded paying child support to either family. Prosecutors were alerted to the situation all the way back in 2002 but did not press charges until 2009. Sand fled to Thailand after arrest warrants were issued.

He had a son with another woman while living in Thailand and was working as a motorcycle salesman there. He ran into trouble when he entered the Philippines without the proper papers and was arrested and deported back to the US, where federal marshals took him into custody. If convicted of evading the multiple court orders to pay child support, Sand faces up to four years in prison.

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