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Probate & Estate Administration Attorneys in Naperville

Protecting Your Family’s Future

The probate process involves proving the validity of the deceased's will and establishing who will be responsible for administering the probate estate. Probate is necessary for all estates in which the decedent had at least $100,000 in assets or real property titled in his or her name. The Naperville probate attorneys at Roscich & Martel Law Firm, LLC advise personal representatives or trustees responsible for managing the estate through all aspects of estate and trust administration and probate in Illinois.

We can assist you with:

  • Opening the estate
  • Proving the validity of the will
  • Resolving will contests
  • Obtaining authorization to administer the estate
  • Collecting and re-titling assets to the estate
  • Making proper notifications to heirs and creditors
  • Paying bills and outstanding creditor claims
  • Filing and paying applicable taxes
  • Disbursing remaining assets in accordance with the will or Illinois intestate laws (laws for estates where there is not a valid will)
  • Closing the estate
  • Consulting with trustees
  • Administering trusts

The estate administration process often also includes establishing trusts according to instructions in the will and establishing guardians for minor children.

In addition to probate services, our attorneys work closely with clients to establish customized estate plans, including establishing wills and trusts and other important estate planning documents.

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The Experience You Need

The Roscich & Martel Law Firm offers an estate planning and probate practice that works together to meet the needs of clients. We strive to keep the estate out of probate court whenever possible and keep taxes and expenses to a minimum. When probate is necessary, we work hard to make the process as seamless as possible for the family.

You and your family’s future can be significantly impacted by a comprehensive estate plan and probate service. These complex areas of the law can be challenging to understand, so we recommend working with one of our experienced Naperville estate administration attorneys as early as possible. With our team on your side, your estate is in good hands.

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