Dating During the Divorce Process

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Making the decision to divorce ban be difficult. It requires the filer to think about their relationship and whether they still want to be in it. It is also important for the person to consider what is motivating their decision. Is it a response that is purely emotional or rather a realization that the marriage is not working anymore? If a spouse has moved on from the marriage even before the divorce is finalized, then they might be tempted to begin dating new people.

Before the divorce is finalized, it might be a bad idea to go public with a new significant other. The new flame might cause a soon to be ex-spouse to fight against the divorce process. If the exes can't agree to a divorce settlement, the divorce may take months or years to finalize. A jealous or vindictive spouse may cause issues in parts of the divorce like child custody and the division of property.

There are also legal reasons to avoid showing off a new spouse. Illinois is a state that recognizes fault grounds for divorce. Dating during divorce could be construed as an example of marital misconduct and possibly even adultery. While the difference between fault and no-fault grounds does not change division of property or alimony in most cases, it can change child custody and visitation agreements. It is essential to avoid the opportunity for morals to be questioned.

Dating during divorce can also negatively affect children who are dealing with their parents splitting. The decision to date while seeking a divorce should be scrutinized as much as the decision to divorce was in the first place. The consul of a legal professional can ensure that you make the correct decision for you and your family. Contact an experienced family law attorney in Naperville today to begin discussing your best course of action.