Your First Divorce Appointment: What You Should Know

When taking the initial steps to begin the divorce process, there are terms that will be beneficial to understand, statics to be aware of, and procedures you will need to know. Moreover, you may find yourself overwhelmed when taking into account all of the emotions you may experience during your first divorce appointment. Consider the following suggestions to help you get through your initial consultation.

Generate a list of questions for your attorney.

When you first sit down with your divorce attorney, have a list of questions prepared. This will allow your attorney to help you better understand your specific situation. Then you can move on to discuss the process of your divorce.

Understand the process and procedures of the divorce law.

After your initial questions are answered, your attorney may want to make sure that you understand the process and procedures of a legal divorce.

Develop a plan that is most effective for your future security.

Before deciding how finances are going to be divided between you and your spouse, develop a plan for your future. Therefore you will be one step ahead when the time comes to discuss financial agreements.

If your child is involved, you may choose to calculate child support.

The calculation of child support will depend on how involved your spouse is in your child’s life, both currently and when the divorce is finalized. Your child’s living arrangement and support should be determined to secure his or her emotional development and happiness.

Go over a division of assets that will provide financial security.

This step is connected to the plan that you will create to help secure your future. The plan should include how you and your spouse will decide who will obtain specific belongings and valuables during the division of assets and financial security.

There may be additional steps to take depending on your individual divorce situation.

If you are considering divorce and would like to speak with a skilled DuPage County family law attorney who can help to secure your financial future, offer you the legal experience that you need, and guide you in achieving a desirable outcome in your divorce, then please contact Roscich & Martel Law Firm, LLC. Call (630) 793-6337 to schedule your confidential consultation today.


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