Safety Issues Concerning Custody Agreements

During a divorce, settling child custody is the hardest hurdle for two ex-spouses. It becomes very easy to worry about your kids and especially the people that your ex might bring into their life after you. That is why it is very important to lay down specific agreements to ensure the safety of your children.

Your wishes will be considered in custody issues. After physical custody is settled, it is important to consider whether your spouse should have supervised partial custody. If your divorce was due to alcohol or drug addiction, then it is a good idea to think of a trusted family member who can oversee the visits. Supervised partial custody might also be advisable if the co-parent has a severe mental or physical handicap, deplorable living conditions, or resides with someone with a criminal record. If there is any history of child abuse, sexual abuse or domestic violence for either parent, they will lose custody.

The ways that family courts will determine child custody is by what's best for the children. The parent's wishes and willingness to co-parent will be a consideration. The child's wishes will also be considered, either through an interview with the child, the child's relationship with the parents and the child's possible adjustment to home, school and community. The last way will be through third party testimony. Through these avenues, the child's safety will be a top priority in child custody considerations.

If your children are your top concern through your divorce, then it is important to have the best direction possible. Contact an experienced family law attorney in Naperville who will be your family's advocate.

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