Do You Need a Prenup?

Money, like divorce, can bring up intense emotions. Although most people dont go into a marriage expecting a divorce, recommends prudent planning, including a prenuptial agreement. The myth is that prenuptial agreements are there for the rich and wealthy to protect their assets in the event of divorce. However, more and more regular Illinois couples are opting for a prenup for many reasons.

For instance, if you are getting married, and money that was given to you by your family isnt meant to be included in the "ours" category in a marriage, a prenup might be the answer. One attorney interviewed by states that prenups, unlike marriage, are predictable. He goes on to say that for some people, prenups are a natural part of a marriage while for others, approaching the topic isnt so easy.

Many Illinois residents find approaching the subject to be uncomfortable because it may suggest mistrust. However, if youve been married before, a prenup will ensure that your children are protected financially should a divorce happen.

According to the, starting up a conversation about finances in general could be an excellent gateway to discuss a possible prenuptial agreement. This would be a good time to agree on who will pay for what. Will the children be placed in daycare or will one parent stay home? What amount of each persons check will be set aside for retirement? A prenuptial agreement discussed as part of the financial planning process may be easier to accept. Any emotional ties to the subject should be addressed at that time.

People with little or no assets before marriage might want to consider a prenup also. For example, if you become famous and wealthy years after you marry, having a prenup beforehand will protect your assets. If you have questions about a prenuptial agreement in Illinois, contact an experienced family law attorney to discuss your options.

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