NBA Star Dealing with Bizarre Custody Battle

Steve Nash

As one of the small number of point guard MVPs, Steve Nash has had a brilliant NBA career. He has lead the league at different times for different categories like assists, free throw percentage and assists per game. Though, he has never won a championship, the Los Angeles Lakers signed him from the Phoenix Suns to increase their title chances for years to come.

Though he hasnt made much impact due to injuries, Nash is still making headlines in Los Angeles. When he moved from Phoenix, he left behind his ex, Alejandra Amarilla and their three children. The couple divorced after five years of marriage and right before their third child was born. Now, they are trying to follow him to Hollywood to be closer to Nash, resulting in a bizarre child custody battle.

Although, when Nash signed with the Lakers in the off season, his agent claimed that the star was happy to still be close to Phoenix and his family. Now that doesnt seem to be the case. Websites are claiming that the Lakers point guard is taking legal measures to ensure his family stays in Arizona.

The reasoning seems to be based on the spousal and child support that Nash would have to pay according to their premarital agreement. When the couple divorced in 2010, Nash asked for the judge to grant a clause from that document which stated that he did not have to provide permanent spousal support to Amarilla. But with the move to a much more expensive Los Angeles zip code, Amarilla could consider asking for a post divorce decree modification.

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