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What is a Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage?

In Illinois, divorcing couples have the option of filing a joint simplified dissolution of marriage, which is a more straightforward proceeding and is available if there are no children. Our highly qualified Naperville divorce lawyers can help you determine whether it is the right option for you and your spouse. There are several requirements that each spouse must meet in order to qualify for this type of filing:

  1. Neither spouse expects or depends on the other for spousal support following the divorce.
  2. Each spouse has been a resident of the state of Illinois or stationed in the state by the military for at least 90 days before the petition is filed.
  3. Irreconcilable differences caused the divorce petition, and the couple has been separated for six months or more, and further attempts at reconciliation will have a negative affect on their family.
  4. No children were born of this marriage and the wife is not pregnant at the time.
  5. The marriage did not last for longer than eight years.
  6. Both parties waive any right to maintenance.
  7. The total fair market value of all marital property is less than $10,000, the combined “gross annualized income from all sources” is less than $35,000, and neither spouses annual income from all sources is more than $20,000.
  8. The spouses have disclosed to each other all assets and all tax returns for the years during the marriage.
  9. The parties have disclosed a written agreement between themselves dividing up any assets worth more than $100, and they have set up an agreement to allocate all debts and responsibility between them.

A joint simplified dissolution of marriage is not for every couple. In order to determine what kind of divorce you and your spouse qualify for, contact one of our divorce attorneys in Naperville for a consultation today.